Monday 23 July 2012

Dead Lovely - Helen Fitzgerald


Setting: Glasgow

Krissie returns to Glasgow only to find out she is pregnant. Her best friend, Sarah, has tried for her entire married life to get pregnant. With Sarah envying Krissie and Krissie unable to cope with single motherhood, the friends quickly descend towards disaster. After a camping trip goes horribly wrong it seems like nothing can be done to patch their shredded friendship. Especially if it involves betrayal and murder.


It's hard to believe Dead Lovely is Fitzgerald's debut novel. Not so much because it is spectacular and now one of my favourites. It's more of the plot that gets me. The novel started out really well. It was captivating, an exciting read that had me hooked. That lasted until half way. The camping trip was the obvious pivotal point. However, it also became the moment in which the entire novel became completely out of whack. In my opinion at least. Fitzgerald's writing was still engrossing, no doubt. The parts that touched on romance and their friendship were lighthearted and enjoyable. Except the novel slowly turned from one of many lessons to a horrifying murder mystery with gruesome scenes that dragged me out of reality. Further into the novel and the plot spun 360 degrees leaving me trying to fully understand everything that was happening. Only at the end did I entirely grasp the reason behind all the plans and introduction of characters. Fitzgerald tied off all loose ends very well.

It was engaging. I must commend Fitzgerald for still keeping my attention even if I was beginning to become disturbed. However, the humourous start is not enough for me to consider re-reading it. It was just all too much. Shock after shock, the novel became overwhelming. In a way Fitzgerald achieved what she wanted - the reactions towards the gory recounts that happen. Perhaps at this age it is not suited for me but Dead Lovely has no appeal. It is enjoyable for those who crave a thriller but also the more mellow side of a romance.

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