Monday 30 July 2012

Forgotten - Cat Patrick


London Lane lives with a condition. Since she was young, London could never remember her past, memories from even days before. Instead she remembers the future. She remembers what she'll wear the next day, how she and her best friend will eventually patch things up and the years to come. So when she meets new-to-school Luke her inability to see him in her future means she has to choose - to forget him or keep trying - and even then things start to take a turn on her once "normal" life.


The idea of living through a whole day only to never remember it again is very intriguing. Patrick has created a most fascinating plot, which follows through right till the end. It was so easy to get caught up in the mystery that had yet to be discovered. You'll keep reading to find answers. Answers to questions of why she became like so, how it happened and what is going to be the outcome. I'm going to tell you now all those are answered. Satisfaction is mostly guaranteed.

While Forgotten is based on romance, underneath lies the values of family, friendship and cherishing every moment of your life. This becomes the most relatable aspect of the novel. That even though you may hit obstacles at some point, in the end if you push through, everything will be work out. Between Luke and London, it is hard not to smile at their sweetness. It's not overwhelming where it becomes unbearable, which I like about Patrick - her ability to keep it realistic.

The single twist in the novel comes as a shock. It's unexpected. Floating through the novel cheerfully did not prepare me for what was revealed. It becomes a mini-thriller that builds up to the answers, differentiating it from the many young adult, romance novels. Perhaps this is what makes it so much more interesting.

If there was just one little thing to pick on, that would be the ending. It didn't ruin the entire novel. It just felt a little abrupt but can be quickly overlooked. Forgotten is an easy read, not too lengthy. It's enjoyable - a must for romantics and light readers.

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