Tuesday 31 December 2013

TOP 13 of 2013

So this year hasn't been great in terms of reading. Trying to find 13 books out of the 37 I've read, and a couple of them being re-reads as well? Talk about a tremendous task. Still, I pulled through and figured out which ones I really liked.

Ready for the countdown?

13. Ravengirl - Audrey Niffeneger 

A modern day fairytale of a love story between a raven and a postman, Niffeneger delivers a beautiful picture book filled with a deeper meaning. Read review here.

12. Rosebush - Michele Jaffe 

Combine Crime and a bit of Psychological Thriller and you get Rosebush. At times a little creepy and others painfully captivating, Jaffe's novel was certainly an interesting read. Review here. 

11. Cloudstreet - Tim Winton 

One of the few adult novels I enjoyed this year, Cloudstreet brings back a nostalgic feel that is very much welcomed on a nice breezy day. It's a nice sweet read.

10. Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein 

Set in France during the Nazi era, friends Maddie and "Verity" convey the meaning of friendship and loyalty. The bonds that are shared between friends will resonate with readers as well. Review here. 

9. The Visitor - Lee Child

The fourth novel in the Jack Reacher series, The Visitor has a surprising plot that left me captivated until the very end. It's got me on board to read the rest of the series.

8. The Secret Keeper - Kate Morton

The Secret Keeper has romance and crime bundled into one great story. All three characters: Dorothy, Vivien and Jimmy stay within your mind with only just one read. Watch review here.

7. The Killer in My Eyes - Giorgio Faletti

Faletti excels in the crime genre, and this is no exception. Beating out Child's novel in my list, Faletti does wonders with the mysteries of a murder. His creative mind is something I really admire. Review here.

6. Deathless - Catherynne M. Valente

Yet another modern day fairytale but this time a full length novel, Valente makes use of a Russian folktale to retell a love story that is bittersweet. A very refreshing change to what I constantly read. Watch review here.

The last five books on this list were absolutely amazing. Click here, to watch the rest of my top 13 books for 2013.

Hope you guys have a great New Years! Happy Holidays!

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