Thursday 2 January 2014

Reading challenge/New Years Resolution

So this post is going to get a little personal towards the end, but I guess it's just a little reminder for myself as well. However, before we get all chummy let me report on my reading challenge for 2013 and set this years goals!

It is sad for me to announce that I did not reach my goal of 50 books for 2013. It's not much but I was off by 13, reading 37 books in total. It seems like I was still trying to adapt to university and was working my first job so reading was last on my mind. Still, I'm glad I dove back into reading for the last two months of the year.

I think not being able to achieve that challenge has pushed me to finally succeed this year. I'm not going to be ambitious either because I know I'm still going to be busy throughout the year. It's all about pacing yourself, you know?

That's why for 2014 I am sticking with a goal of 50 books again, only because I really want to reach that point before moving on. Hopefully I'll be motivated to continue to read over the months.

Other than a general goal I've also got a few other things I want to tackle. I'm going to focus on four this year and try to cross them off my list.

1. Read The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings trilogy by J. R. R Tolkein. (I know I should count them as two things but we'll overlook that)
2. Finish Percy Jackson and The Olympians series by Rick Riordan. (It's okay guys, I'm getting there)
3. Read at least 2 classics before the year ends.
4. Read at least 1: Sci-Fi, YA contemporary, Fantasy, Adult, Crime/Thriller novel.

I'm excited that I'm able to have this fresh start and get straight into working towards my goals.

Other than reading goals though, I also have some New Year's Resolutions I want to put down. It's not linked to reading, at least not all of them, but I do want to have some guidelines for this year.

1. Get my P's before November
2. Pass all my subjects (>H2A)
3. Keep up to date with blogging/YouTube
4. Save $6,000
5. Get fit and healthy! (so vague lol)
6. Volunteer for charity

A little more book related and I have:
7. Do Nanowrimo/Get back into writing
8. Participate in Booktubeathon
9. Buy up to 10 books per month only

That is all I think. Hopefully by the end of this year I can report back with a big success. I hope you guys had a great start to the new year! Share with me some of your goals for 2014.

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