Thursday 23 January 2014

[Series Review] Hush Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick


The quartet Hush Hush is a supernatural series following high schooler Nora Grey and the fallen angel Patch Cipriano.

Nora isn't much of a rule breaker, in fact she's miss goody two shoes to the core. Yet, when Patch tries to befriend her Nora finds herself being drawn into all sorts of troubles. As her life is entangled with the existence of the supernatural beings, Nora is faced with the danger of saving her life or choosing the love of her life.


My plot sounds so wishy washy but really, that's the essence of this series. My cousin kept egging me on to read it because she said it was absolutely amazing, and so I decided that it was time. I actually marathoned all four novels - Hush Hush, Crescendo, Silence and Finale - in almost four days.

I'm not going to deny that I was hooked, surprisingly, but I think what allowed me to read the entire series in such a short time was probably how fast paced the plot was. It's not very lengthy, probably 350 pages - ish for each book, but the plot is quick to build towards climaxes and levels out with the resolutions without cooling down the heat. There was no drawing out unnecessary things and for that, I think Fitzpatrick has succeeded in her writing. You basically meet Nora and then Patch, and everything else follows suit. It's not clunky, which is also another positive. Fitzpatrick builds her world whilst creating an intensity in the plot seamlessly.

Other than that, I think I also hung around because of Patch. He's a very typical male hero, written for readers to fall in love with. Handsome, rugged, mysterious and that bit arrogant, making him so much more attractive. I'm not even going to lie, I fell for his charms and I kept reading just to "see" him. It's weird but it's like when you're watching something and you constantly want to see more of the character. That's me with Patch. If you want a hero to fall in love with then I guess Patch is your man (or half a man, however you take it).

That's actually all I think I liked about this series. The heroine, Nora, really frustrated me with her thought process and decisions. Her relationship with Patch also became a little iffy with me. They were passionate and intimate, but kept very G/PG rated. Only one minor character really stayed with me in a positive way, Scott, whilst others who could've made an impact really just melted into the background. I found that whilst I liked all the action part of it, the intensity and mystery, there were a lot of questions left unanswered. Questions that I didn't realise I had until I had finish that book and moved onto the next. It's things like those that reduced my enjoyment by a little.

Also, don't be surprised if you see similarities between this series and the Twilight saga by Stephanie Myer. It's minor things and Fitzpatrick does a good job in distancing herself with the Myer but there's no denying she has been influenced in parts. Still, it's not majorly distracting so I'll let it slide.

I don't think the ending was all that worth it. Of course it was still very action packed but to be honest I don't remember much about it. There were some moments where I was like "really, you're really going to do that". Still, it did tie all loose ends quite well so that's a plus.

For a series that I was skeptical about, I think it made for a good read. It definitely beat the expectations I had for it, which was very low. As a fantasy novel, it hit the right notes and really did feel as real as it could be. The Hush Hush series wasn't perfect but it wasn't the worst either. Good writing from Fitzpatrick and a likeable hero really did boost the quality for me.

Check it out if you're a fan of Twilight or really love Angels. If you've read it tell me what you thought, if not tell me if you're interested or not!

Rating: 4/5 (as a series)

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