Monday 3 March 2014

February Wrap Up

Kind of crazy because I am about half way through my reading challenge for this year.

The #AYEARATHON read-a-long started this month. It's basically a read-a-long that lasts one week every month and this month's topic was Harry Potter. So I managed to re-read some books from my beloved series.

Another thing I took part in is Top 5 Wednesday, an idea that Lainey from gingerreadslainey came up with. The group is now available to everyone, so join here! Each Wednesday I'll be releasing videos for a certain topic.

Yet again, I managed to fall into the 20% off Bookworld trap and bought one too many books.

I also managed to venture in the New Adult genre. Definitely a very interesting experience. Check out my verdict below along with reviews for the three books that I read.

That brings my total of books read this month to 12! Like what? Wrap up in video below.

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