Sunday 25 May 2014

[Book Launch] REV Girl - Leigh Hutton

REV-GIRL-Blog-Graphic-1A couple of weeks back I was contacted by the lovely Leigh Hutton asking if I wanted to be part of her Blog Tour for her debut novel REV Girl.

After reading the synopsis and finding out that she is Australian, I said yes! It's baffling how I'm
such a small time blogger yet, I was even considered to do this. Still, I'm excited that I've been given this opportunity.

I can now announce that copies of Rev Girl are now available to purchase. The story follows a female protagonist, Clover, who has moved to a different place but is struggling to fit in. She's trying to balance her new life with her dream of becoming a professional dirt bike racer. Yep, that's right - this girl is actually awesome. What I take is that this is a coming of age novel, where Clover is trying to live up to expectations whilst struggling to be who she is. I'm very intrigued to get started because I've never read a story from a female who's so involved in a predominately male sport/occupation. It's really empowering. Rev Girl is also being pitched as inspired by a true story. For a more thorough synopsis visit Leigh's site --> here

This is the first in a series called The Go Girls Chronicles, where each female protagonist is
involved in an adventurous activity.

If you guys are interested in purchasing Rev Girl it is available in e-book (here) and physical form (here). A portion of the purchase is donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well!

Keep an eye out for my review, which should be up on the 29th of May. In the meantime check out the other blogs in the Blog Tour (dates in side picture)!

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  1. Thank you, Tracey! :) We hope you enjoy REV GIRL and thank you so much for taking part in the Blog Tour.