Wednesday 30 July 2014

Page to Screen: Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

Ever since hearing that Fifty Shades of Grey would be turned into a movie, I was really curious to see what the movie would be like. Now that the official trailers been released, we've got some insight into the mysterious world of Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and his encounter with Bella Swan Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson).

Source: Universal Pictures UK Official Trailer

The trailer doesn't really give off much - it's tame and the scenes a little disjointed. I guess because Christian Grey is all about being mysterious, the trailer's turned out that way, but also because they've probably had to tone down things a lot. It starts off with the first encounter between Anastasia and Christian in his office. I've never enjoyed Anastasia as a character, because she is the generic Candy - the girl next door who's invisible and plain, only to be noticed by the alpha male. Seeing her on screen and hearing the dialogue really made me even more irritated.

"I'd like to know more about you." 
"There's not much to know about me (giggle). Look at me." 
"I am." 

Like really, really?! I don't remember everything about the novel but just seeing real life people those lines makes me cringe and eye-roll.

Then comes all the other moments between them, from when Christian gives her joyrides in his helicopter and airplane, to their more heated encounters - cue elevator kiss and thigh grabs. I do love the scene where Christian tells her that he "exercises control in all things" and she replies with "you must be really boring." It's the smirk on his face that gets me, because we both know nothing could be more boring than what he's actually doing.

Source: Universal Pictures UK Official Trailer

I wasn't interested enough in the movie to find out who the actors were, but right now I am feeling very underwhelmed with Christian. I did not picture Jamie Dornan to be Christian, and whilst he may be a fabulous actor, he just doesn't seem right. I'm not saying his unattractive, just that he doesn't have that manly, charismatic look. In fact Jamie looks more like the guy next door, sort of rugged and cute - not at all "intimidating" as Anastasia describes him.

The trailer doesn't hint at the kinkier side of things until the last 30 seconds, where the red room is (barely) revealed and then all his toys come out to play. There's nudity as well, although for the trailer it's just Dakota Johnson's naked back. Surprisingly, the trailer actually puts this aspect of the story into a better light. It comes off as a logical and romantic as opposed to just being erotica. In fact, dare I say, it looks almost classy or at least not as explicit as I thought it would. There's more of a sultry feel to it, which definitely comes from the background music - a remixed version of Crazy in Love by Beyonce - that sets the tone and puts viewers in the mood. I think the best part of the trailer was the song actually.

I'm not going to lie, this trailer has actually increased my interest in this movie. It's certainly not a film I'd want to see in a cinema, but I'm not outright against watching it. I actually think the cinematography is pretty well done, which boosts the quality of not only the film, but the plot. I mean Fifty Shades of Grey pretty much lacks depths in terms of storyline and plot development, and its characters are pretty flat, but at least with the film the actors might be able to give some in life into the story. If it's filmed in a visually appealing and tasteful way then it has a big chance of turning people's opinions from being a pornography disguised as movie into an actual movie, just with a bit more sexual scenes - if that makes sense.

Source: Universal Pictures UK Official Trailer

I think my biggest interest lies in how everything will be filmed, what will be omitted and kept in the books, and if it'll actually be better. This trailer really does make me feel like the movies has some potential. I know I'm not the only one interested as the trailer now sits at around 17, 800, 000 views! 

Fifty Shades of Grey will be released on Valentines' Day, 2015. Watch the trailer below and tell me what you think!

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  1. It just cracks me up it's being released on Valentine's Day, when really it should be released on Halloween because THAT SHIT IS CREEPY.

    About Jamie Dornan, thing is he is actually so HANDSOME and awesome. But like . . . in this movie they've made him look all 'boy next door' and not as intensely sexy. It's almost like they're trying to make Christian look like less of a psycho by making him look young and friendly haha.

    I'm genuinely interested to see this when it comes out, if for nothing else than to see if they edit bits out so Christian doesn't look like a rapey weirdo!

    1. I think it's good marketing because they're trying to push it as being a love story (when really ..). I've never seen him act before, but that's so true! I think it might be so that it doesn't seem so unusual - a boy next door has these sexual tendencies, so it must be normal.

      Yeah, same! I hated the book but it'll definitely be interesting to see how it'll be filmed.

  2. I saw the trailer and loved it actually. Every second of it. :) I think Grey's voice is sexy and I like how he talks and like...he takes a pose after every sentence haha. But that's probably because I loved book 1. :P I'm not sure how this movie will turn out but for me the trailer is perfect. But you have the right to your opinion. ;)

    1. Hahaha, he does look charming just not what I imagined that's all. The trailer does build a great storyline, so I'm very curious to see if it's actually going to be good or not.