Sunday 27 July 2014

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart


Cadence Sinclair returns to her family's beach house on her 17th Summer. There she recounts the family's history as well as a story that should've been left untold.


I wrote a short plot for a reason - We Were Liars is a book you want to go in with as limited knowledge as you can. It's what everyone recommended, and something I definitely agree it.

There's only one word to explain my reading experience: wow. We Were Liars is the type of book that will baffle your mind, and at the end blow it up into smithereens. I think not knowing what the plot is about right from the beginning really enhances this experience, because you start to make speculations and these speculations will grow, pushing you to keep reading.

This is definitely a mystery that's well-executed. The build up of intensity was on-point, done through Cadence's recounts of the previous summers and her ties to the beach house. I found the writing to be beautiful and haunting, flowing at a good pace and almost melodically. I think what worked the best though, was how Lockhart caught me off guard just as the mystery hits its resolution. I floated through the story unaware I would be given the answer. In fact, it really did pull at some of my emotions, and I was close (very close) to shedding a tear.

I did find though, that I developed no attachments to the characters, despite them having some depths.   They weren't entirely flat, but they were one-sided. If the character was suppose to be bad, there were only negative features about them - not enough redeeming qualities to make save their character - and vice versa. I didn't particularly enjoy Cadence as a character either, she was just the vehicle to drive the plot for me.

Initially, I gave We Were Liars a full five-star rating, because I was completely taken aback with the ending of the story. Except I've had time to mull over it, and there were some minor issues, like the plot being a little dull at times, and the group being called 'The Liars' without a full explanation to the name. Still, for a novel that short, it definitely left a large impact. I flew through it in about an hour, because it was that easy to read.

I definitely recommend this thrilling and intriguing read. I can actually see this being made into a movie, just because I think it is a perfect mystery plot for the screen.


  1. *sweats nervously* I didn't really enjoy this book... I didn't like Cadence, the writing didn't sit well with me, and the twist at the end felt anti-climactic for me. BUT, I'm glad YOU enjoyed it! Sometimes some books aren't for everyone.

    1. It's ok! There's been some mixed things said about this actually. The writing was definitely different, it did feel a little dragged out and I really did think she was on drugs (lol) but yeah, I know what you mean about feeling like the minority.

  2. I loved this one too Tracey, it was just so surprising and utterly brilliant. It cruised along and was a really easy read and couldn't agree more, the initial storyline was pretty underwhelming. But we both know what makes it a really worthy read :) Incredible review and considering how hard it is not to include anything that might look a little spoilery, awesome job <3

    1. Thanks! This book was so hard to describe, I felt like I was giving away too much :( But I really did enjoy it, it nearly made me cry.