Wednesday 23 July 2014

Why We Broke Up - Daniel Handler


A box is sent to Ed filled with items that Min refer to as reasons why they broke up. This is the love story of Ed and Min, from how things started to when it ended. 


That is such a short plot line, but essentially that's what the entire novel is about. I mean the title for the novel is pretty self-explanatory. Before you cringe though, it's actually not a sappy, cry-fest. 

The writing style of this novel is very different, flowing more like a stream of consciousness. At first it was a little flat and hard to get into, but I was quickly swept into Min's thoughts and feelings. This really made the story a lot more believable because it seemed like Min was just trying to process her thoughts, not just a structured narrative. It really did flow quite well and Handler's writing was beautiful. However, despite it being easy to read, I just didn't find a connection with the plot or the character. 

The plot, itself, was solid. There was a point and it delivered, and the love story was actually believable. I didn't find it overly sweet or sappy, but that it developed much like any other teenage romance. Yet, it might be because of my lack of experience in the area of love, but I just found myself being a bystander to the relationship - curious but not really caring where they end off at. I know that sounds harsh, but I just couldn't develop any attachments. I actually started to become annoyed with Min, because the letter had this underlying tone of blame towards Ed. She made it seem like it was his fault the relationship didn't work out, when it was actually much more than that. 

I do feel though, that this book will give everyone a different reading experience, so I do recommend you guys pick up just to see how it'll affect you. I've heard that it really touched other readers.

Rating: 3.5/5

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