Tuesday 26 August 2014

Bout of Books 11.0 Wrap Up

Bout of Books

So it's the end of Bout of Books, but I've been so caught today with things happening I haven't had time to film my review. Instead, here's my written wrap up!

Books Read

Page Count
1232 pages


I feel like every time I take part in Bout of Books, I can never get anything done. I woke up Monday morning nauseous and dizzy, actually staying in bed for 24 hours. I tried to read but only got through 45 pages of World After before feeling like I had to puke again. It was not fun. 

I managed to finish World After on Wednesday, and loved every moment of it. It was so intense and exciting, bumping up the series on my favourites list! I started Crown of Midnight and really felt like it was chore reading the first half. I had to push through but once the second part started, I eased right into the story and flew through the action packed storyline. 

Friday came around and I finished CoM, but didn't read anything else that day. On Saturday morning I woke up and remembered I had downloaded Dangerous Girls for free so I decided to give it a go. Little did I know, Abigail Haas had me hook, line and sinker. I finished it in 2 hours and could not get enough. I read a little of The Man Called Ove - around 100 pages - but did not finish it, fizzling out on the last day.

Final Thoughts

It was actually a decent effort considering I planned to read 4 books, and finished 3 and a bit. I actually read some pretty amazing books though, which was the best part of this read-a-thon. Hopefully when the next Bout of Books happens again, I won't be held down by life things because that seriously gets annoying.


World After by Susan Ee
Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas

How did you guys go?


  1. How was Crown of Midnight?I was mindblown by that book.
    I haven't read World After yet,but I really want to.
    Good luck for the next read-a-thon!

    Mishma @ As the page turns

    1. I didn't like the first half, but the second half was waaaaay better. I definitely enjoyed World After more though, I was completely sucked it! Thanks :)

  2. Congrats on a great BoB! Reading great books is the best part of it. My own RaT went great. Loved it! Here's my Bout of Books 11 ~ Wrap Up.

  3. I think you did great, especially with being sick. Glad you found some good books!