Wednesday 3 September 2014

August Wrap Up

Yes, it's finally the end of Winter! August wasn't a great month personally, so I'm glad it's actually over. It started off with me cracking my phone screen, then being sick every few days, and having to start university again. Still, there were the ups as well as the downs so I'm going to stop my complaining now.

On The Blog
I've started some new features on my blog, which I'm actually really happy about it. They're not very original, but I look forward to writing them every week/month. 

I list the most exciting new releases for the upcoming month. It gives me an opportunity to check out new authors or novels that I didn't even realise existed, so my research is definitely useful. September's Waiting List is up if you wanted a read!

I love this one the most because I get to talk about my favourite book of the week, and sort of rave about it forever! Ok well not forever, but I like that I can recommend you guys something to read every week and know that I've really enjoyed it! It does require some commitment though because sometimes I don't read that many books in a week and I sort of get stumped.

The title is literally what I do for the post. Half way during the month I'll update you guys on what's going on in my life - I know, how exciting. 

Posts For Thought

Reading Time

Reading wise, August was actually really good for me. I participated in two read-a-thons again - the AYearAThon and Bout of Books 11.0. I didn't try to be as ambitious, but even then I didn't read everything I wanted to read.

The #AYearAThon topic for this month was Middle Grade, so I was able to whittle down part of my TBR list!

With Bout of Books 11.0 I wasn't as attentive as I would've liked, but I read some really good books. I did a couple of update videos as well as a full wrap up post, so definitely check it out here!

In total I read 11 books which are *drumroll*







Tell me how your month went!

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