Tuesday 23 September 2014

Brownlown 2014: Standouts and Burn Outs

Definitely very off topic to my usual blog posts, but Brownlow Night is always one of the most exciting things to watch for me.

If you guys don't know, the Brownlow Medal Night is basically the most prestigious award night for the AFL - Australian Football League. It awards the best player of the season based on the umpires votes after every round. Except, the Night has extended from the award to the Red Carpet arrivals. These days it's about the WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) as much as it is about the footballers.

I've picked out a few of my best dressed, personal favourite, and those I think missed the mark by a bit.


Rebecca Judd is regarded as Queen of the Brownlow Red Carpet, ever since her infamous red dress in 2004. This year she stunned in a gorgeous muted grey/dull white J'Aton Couture gown with a slim fitted torso and voluminous skirt, creating a fuller bottom half. I especially loved the Victorian-like detailing on the chest.

Nadia Bartel is another WAG who constantly shines on the Red Carpet, and whilst this piece is a little different to what she wears, I think she pulls it off exceptionally well. The One Day Bridal design is actually leather, and contains studs and straps.

Contrary to the more adventurous looks on the night though, Candice Quinlan appeared in a classic full-length gown. It's elegant, and the colour choice is refreshing and fun. I actually really like the yellow, because that colour can definitely be very disastrous.


Full points to Jessica Holtman for looking absolutely adorable. She looks like she's just stepped out of a fairytale, and whilst the dress does have a more bridal cut, the muted grey makes it more appropriate.

Jesinta Campbell is an absolute babe! I love that she's gone for a more conservative look, with the grey and long sleeve, but she's kept it interesting with the shoulder cut. Elegant and tasteful. She just resonates beauty in this Steven Khalil piece.

Abbie Noonan is a surprising addition, but this lilac dress (Georgia Young Couture) is so unique and eye-catching. She looks absolutely gorgeous in it as well.

Personal Favourite

Alex Davis would definitely have to be my favourite though. I'm all for classic and elegant looks, and this beautiful blue number by Julie Simonelli is exactly that. I feel like Alexis does veer towards this colour quite a lot - remember her Versace gown in 2011 - but it is a perfect colour for her. It's sexy in a subtle way, pulling in the places needed to show off her curves, whilst being modest with the floor length train and long sleeves.

Burn Outs

There's always the ones who just seem to not get it, or maybe they think they do, and then it doesn't work out like how they want it to. This is definitely my personal opinion though, so I do understand that we do all have very err .. different taste.

I just couldn't agree with any of these, and I really have to question what they were thinking. 

Gabo Greko deserves a category of her own. The self-designed dress just yells out confusion to me, and I actually don't want to know what's going on. The metal poking thing on her hands just gives me an Edward Scissorhand's vibe. She definitely took over Brynne's position, practically overshadowed her. 

Thanks to my friends, Kim and Hang for working through this with me. 

Who were your favourites?

(Photo Sources: AFL Media & Getty Images via DailyMailUK)

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