Saturday 6 September 2014

September Problems

It's annoying but it's happening. I'm not blogging as much as I want to these days! I had planned out September to be this great month with exciting new posts - hell yesterday and today there were going to be new reviews up - but alas, life is poking me in the rib and asking me to pay attention to it more. So here I am with my lame and generic excuses.
  • University is quickly sweeping me up and rolling me under all it's work. A part of it is me constantly procrastinating, but seriously, I have a stack of assignments and tests to study for. I don't ever find time for anything else more! 
  • Lack of time also means I don't get to read much either. I've actually hit a reading slump, and have over 3 books that are currently "on-hold" until further notice. Usually I read on the train ride into uni and back out, but now I just sit there and listen to music instead. This is freaking me out! 
  • When I do have time, I'm working. That $$ you know. 

I just have to push through these next couple of weeks and shuffle my schedule around so at least I've got some content for you guys. Sit tight because I'm not going anywhere yet. 

I just wanted to say sorry and explain the situation, that's all!

Hope you have a great month!


  1. No need to explain yourself or to say sorry :D Good luck with University and conquering your reading slump!

    1. Aww thank you! I'm just feeling so stressed because I really wanted to put my all onto here, but everything is so hectic :(