Friday 14 November 2014

Bad Kitty - Michele Jaffe

Title: Bad Kitty
Author: Michele Jaffe
Series: Bad Kitty #1 
Publication Date: January, 24th 2006
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Jasmine's an aspiring detective, self trained in sleuthing and investigating. Her dad's warned her to stay away from her usual mischief but a week in Vegas could contain many surprises.

It all starts with Jas run in with a cat.


I haven't done a video review in so long, but I really enjoyed Bad Kitty so I thought it definitely needed a bit more attention.


  1. Rememberable? It certainly is now :D Super cute Trace, loved the review!
    This sounds really funny actually, I've seen it on Booktopia and even thought about picking up a copy but the cover turned me off. I need more fun and fluffy books in my life, so I'm definitely grabbing a copy when I'm doing my next book purchases online.

    You should definitely do more video reviews, you're a natural Trace! <3

    1. LOL soz. I realised it was memorable after I uploaded it :( Aww thanks for watching Kelly! Yeah the cover isn't that great, but I just think it's cute and funny!

      I'll try to film more video reviews in the future. It's a lot more easier sometimes.