Friday 9 January 2015

2014: The Year That Was

This is such a late post, but it doesn't feel right to head into the new year without looking back at how the previous year turned out.

A Year In Books

Twenty fourteen really was a good reading year for me - at least compared to 2013 that is. I read a total of 105 books. I never expected that to happen and it kind of blows my mind. Of course that does include re-reads, but majority of them would be first reads. Instead of getting you guys to read chunks of info about what I've read though, I did a quick summary that you can watch! 

I added some random facts and all, but I thoroughly enjoyed most of what I read this year and I do think that it has been a feat for me to get to that number of books. Kind of crazy, really.

A Year In Life

I found that 2014 really opened up some great opportunities for me, and I got to experience so many different things. 

I really settled into university better than I did in my first year, and I actually enjoyed my time there. I met a few new people, but what excites me most is that I solidified some really great friendships with people I've known for awhile. I think that's one of the most positive things from this year - the fact that I managed to build and maintain strong relationships. 

Another positive was exploring who I am and who I want to be. I discovered things about myself I never really thought about and it surprised me in both good and bad ways. I can probably confidently say I know what I want out of life and everything else that comes with it, and what I want to give back in return.

Some of the exciting things I did this year included - 
  • re-vamping "PrintedWordsAnd" and focusing on blogging
  • connecting with other bloggers, especially fellow Aussie readers
  • seeing Wicked on stage 
  • attending my first concert
  • seeing The Fault In Our Stars a month before release
  • attending PTA Live
  • going to the Australian Open
Twenty fourteen was a fulfilling year albeit some hip cups here and there. It went by so fast though, that I feel like I didn't spend everyday how I wanted to. That's something I have yet to learn. 

I hope you guys had a great year though!

Tell Me How 2014 Went For You!

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