Tuesday 17 February 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems

Hosted By: The Broke and The Bookish
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish, where we list our top ten according to a topic of the week. I'm actually not participating in this weekly, only because I know that for some of the topics I really can't come up with a list of ten. For future topics though, check them out here. 

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems I Have
This was so much fun! GIFs are pretty much life. 

1. Unending TBR pile
I swear I was making good progress, but why are there more books now?

2. Savings??
Oh, that's right. I just put in another 3000 orders on The Book Depository. 

3. Too Many Books, Too Little Time
It's ok! It's only 3AM, I can finish this. 

4. Another Book Shelf Please
I could make a bed out of my books tbh. 

5. That Damn Reading Slump 
I want to read, but I can't! The world is ending!! 

6. Book Lending? Biggest Mistake. 
What do you mean you don't know where it is? Why are there creases? 

7. Waiting. Waiting. Still Waiting. 
Deep breaths. There are only another oh 60 years until the next book comes out. 

8. Too many feels
No I'm not crying. Really, I'm not.

9. You Don't Read?!
Oh wow. I don't think we can be friends (jokes, I'm joking).

10. Disappointment, frustration, anger. WHY!
Well that was utter rubbish, why did I waste my time with this. 

What Other Book "Problems" Do You Have?

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  1. omg so relatable! I love reading everyone's TTTs this week! The theme is great!
    That TBR pile... definitely my biggest problem. AND NOT ENOUGH TIME TO READ ALL THE BOOKS!!!!
    And I'm actually okay with makes me able to fangirl with them about the book/series. :D FANGIRLING IS LIFE!!!