Tuesday 10 February 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Likes/Dislikes of Romance in Books

Hosted By: The Broke and The Bookish
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish, where we list our top ten according to a topic of the week. I'm actually not participating in this weekly, only because I know that for some of the topics I really can't come up with a list of ten. For future topics though, check them out here.


The Chase
Constantly eyeing each other, note passing and playful banter? Yes please! I think it's so sweet and I always end up giggling at the banter that goes on. 

When characters connect, building their relationship over common interests and various dates, that shows how realistic their love for each other is. They can actually hold conversations about different things - that is the key. 

As much as I don't like cheesy, I do love a cute prom or first date scene. That whole panic over what to wear and fretting over what the other person will think of them. It's such a relatable aspect to everyone.

Friend's Brother/Sister
I don't know why I like seeing the character end up liking their friend's brother or sister, but it just makes their relationship all that much more worthwhile when they finally end up together. They have to overstep all these boundaries but the ending is worth it.

I love that authors aren't afraid to have their characters connect both intellectually but also physically. A good intimate scene raises the heat when I'm reading but also conveys how passionate the characters feel about each other.


I'm pretty sure this would top the list of dislikes for nearly every reader. You know that moment when you're like "what you guys are already in love? how, what when?". That moment is the worst to encounter when reading.

Bad Boy/Good Girl
This is such a classic move when it comes to romance in books. The boy is either a total badass who meets a nice girl and changes, or really screwed up inside and needs the right girl to fix him. There's a reason why it's popular, but it's overused and frustrating at times. 

The term "love is blind" is really stretched in most romances, where the character, especially the girl, acts in a way that really makes me question whether they have a brain or not. Like stop, please!

Cheating/Lying/Anything Wrong
I don't appreciate a couple who cheats, lies or tries to manipulate their partner. It doesn't who it is, but that destructive is appalling. Being under the influence isn't an excuse either. 

Too Romanced Focused
When the book takes a turn and loses its' initial focus to the romance, that's when I've had enough. Clearly I've picked up the book for other reasons - if I wanted to read about two people falling glove only then I would've gone for an actual Romance novel.

What do you Like or Dislike About Romances?


  1. Amazing list Tracey! I agree with all your points because my list was quite similar. I'm so opposed to cheating as well, that kind of action is totally disgusting. And bantering also topped my list! You know when it's a good romance when you're giggling with them heheh :)

    1. I know, bantering is just so cute!! Hahah, I'm going to take a look at your list now. Thanks for popping by :)

  2. If you're into the intimacy then I recommend 50 Shades of Grey. There are many erotic scenes that you will find exciting and may even arouse you. It just adds onto the complexities and depth that the book already has. xoxo

    1. Thanks for the suggestion but I have actually read that. I didn't like it though because I felt like it was too much for me. Thanks for coming by though!