Saturday 14 March 2015

Talking Personal

Hi guys! So it's definitely been awhile since I've actually updated you guys on what's going on with my life. It's been pretty obvious that I've clearly neglected this blog since the end of last year, and as much as it makes me upset, I've had so many more commitments piled up together I just couldn't manage everything.

So where do I start? I last wrote a Talking Personal post in November, right before my birthday! I turned 20 last year and I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything big because I hardly remember anything (awkward). I had a dinner with the girls one night and then dinner with my family another. I also got some books for my birthday but that's going to be revealed in a really delayed haul. Oops.

Once December hit I was flat out working two jobs. I usually always pick up another job around Christmas time because the money is good and that means I can afford to buy presents. I loved the new job I had - just a casual retail job - but I think I like working Christmas because there's actually people in the store. So December flew by in a blur. I celebrated Christmas briefly and my family and I opened presents in the morning, something we haven't done in years.

Then I had a good two weeks break before I started another job - working at the Australian Open. I was really excited but also nervous about this job because it required a lot of effort but the atmosphere would be worth it. I don't think I expected it to be so intense but it was. I worked two and half weeks, doing from 8-11 hours a day and I have to say lying in my bed after a days work had never felt better. It was a great experience though considering I got to meet some lovely people, both workmates and customers from all over the world, and I gained some pretty good skills. If you need someone to sell shirts I am the person!

Basically I worked my ass off between December to January before I could actually slow down and enjoy the last few weeks of my holidays. I managed to see my first soccer match with my friends. Melbourne hosted the AFC - Asian Football Cup (I'm pretty sure that's what it stands for). It was so much fun and I'm surprised that despite liking soccer I haven't actually been to any matches before that one.

One of the main reasons that I worked so much though is because I'm currently doing exchange in South Korea! I decided to do exchange mid last year but I couldn't really decide on which country. Even now I'm not sure South Korea was the best choice but it's definitely a challenge that I was hoping to seek for. I actually had to leave my work place but the girls were lovely and gave me a really sweet going away present. Before getting to Korea I also visited Vietnam for two days. I probably won't upload a lot of photos and stuff because I'm thinking of doing a separate post or video about it all.

So for the 3 months I was balancing work, social life and organising my entire trip, which meant that my blog was pushed back. I'm really hoping to pick up on my slack and get back into the mojo. It's definitely been hard to settle into a new environment and school but I'll get there.

I'll definitely update you guys with my travelling/school journey, but keep an eye out for some new content!

Bottomline: I'm a workaholic and my friends and family can vouch for that.

What Have You Guys Been Up To?

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