Thursday 6 August 2015

What To Do When The Reading Slump Attacks

The dreaded Reading Slump. Two words any reader never wants to encounter but alas, it is a very common occurrence - or at least for me.

I usually find that my motivation to read falls during really busy periods of the year or, weirdly enough, when I'm on break at home and I spend all my time on my laptop instead of delving into my TBR pile. It gets pretty bad though, when I really do feel like reading but my brain just doesn't seem to respond. Most of the time I naturally resurface from these slumps, but other times I've had to discover new ways to get back into reading. Here are a four ways to escape a reading slump!

1. Re-excite Myself
There are two places I go to in times of need. One is YouTube and the Book Blogs. The BookTube community is growing by the minute and I can go hours binge watching so many fellow readers. What better way to be excited about reading than listening to other people who love to read talk about reading! Likewise the blogging community takes up a big part of my time and Bloglovin' is a great place to collate all your favourite blogs to read daily!

2. New Books!!
Any bet whilst I'm watching those booktube videos or visiting book blogs, there's a big chance I'll find a new or unheard of book that'll intrigue me. I'm not going to lie, buying books gives me immense pleasure. If I find a new read it'll definitely jump up to my number one priority to read and gives me a chance to buy more books!

3. "Guilty Pleasures"
We all have those books that just becomes one of our guilty pleasures. Most of the time they're not books I generally reach for but if I need an easy, light read that doesn't require a lot of brainwork those are the books for me. New Adults is pretty high on my list for books to read when I'm in a slump and I find that this method works well for me. I get back into the habit of reading without any pressure and can just enjoy the small moment. 

4. Re-read your Favourite Book
Hands down this is probably the ultimate method to get rid of any nasty slumps. There's obviously a reason why a certain book has become a beloved companion and I know you've read it countless of times without being bored. My personal favourite is the Harry Potter Series. I'm immediately drawn into the world again and it gets me extra excited that I fly through the books like no tomorrow.

Hopefully a reading slump is not on the near horizon for you guys but if you ever need a pick me up maybe try these out!

What Do You Do During Reading Slumps?

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