Tuesday 15 September 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Non-Bookish Things I Love

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This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie topic so I decided to shake things up a bit and do something not book related! Besides letting you guys know a bit more about me, it's just nice to talk about some of my other interests because yes, I do have other interests.

Pho Restaurant | Hardware Societe | Cacao Green | Mocha Jo

1. Food
It's kind of insane how much I love food and eating. I live to eat and my favourite meal would have to be breakfast/brunch, along with Vietnamese and Korean cuisine being my top picks! Food really is a daily enjoyment.

2. Music
Music is a huge, huuuuuuge part of my life. Favourite genres are dependant on the phase I'm going through, which right now is a toss up between Hip Hop and RnB. Others include the usual Pop, K-Pop, V-Pop, 70s-90s and recently Trap. Share me some recommendations!

3. TV Shows/Movies
Pretty much a no brainer considering this is a popular interest for everyone else. I'm usually either on Netflix or playing some movie, mostly in the background whilst I'm studying or blogging. Check out the Top 5 Shows I'm loving right now! Although Totally Spies isn't on that list, which I've been binge watching.

4. Swimming 
I didn't start swimming until mid primary school years, but after that there was no going back. I trained hard until I quit, and to this day I really wish I hadn't. I still swim on and off, when I have the time and weirdly enough, it makes me feel relaxed.

Singapore | Korea | Thailand 
5. Travelling 
Travelling is probably a universal interest for everyone. For me it's intensified after coming back home from Exchange. I've realised there is so much more the world has to offer - so many opportunities and experiences.

6. Driving
Driving anywhere and everywhere is something I really enjoy. I do prefer driving alone with just my music. It's great me time.

7. Planner Organisation 
This is a weird one but I've been sucked into decorating my planner after constantly watching YouTube videos about it. I've always used a planner, ever since High School, and I've been pretty loyal to Kikki.K leather bound ones - gorgeous! Planning my week on a Sunday night is very therapeutic.

8. Summer
I bask in warm weather and just love everything that comes with Summer. From beach days to ice cream, Summer is my absolute favourite. I don't think you've experienced Summer until you've lived in Australia though. 

Local Beach | MCG & Etihad AFL Games | Nha Trang, Vietnam Beach 

9. Australian Football League (AFL) 
If I have to be honest, I love watching all sports - even Cricket - but AFL just takes the cake. I grew up with footy and it became my bonding time with Dad. We both follow the same time - Carlton - as well.

10. Crime Cases
This pretty much ties into my major, and I know it involves reading but I can sit and read different court cases or watch real criminal cases being solved for hours. In fact that's what I did during my last year of High School - oops. I was obsessed with 48 Hours, the show, and reading Australian cases off Austlii.

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  1. I totally hear you on #5; after coming back from exchange a few years ago and seeing and experiencing everything that I's just such an eye-opening and positive experience, not to mention you learn a lot about yourself too :)

    Yay for planners! I'm amazed at all the different types of sports there are in Australia; I was talking to a friend recently who was explaining to me the differences between union and league rugby and Aussie rules, etc. (I'm not a rugby watcher at all, I'm into football/soccer).

    My TTT

    1. Exactly!! It's really hard to articulate how much exchange and travelling in general changes you. There's so much to learn and explore and I really understood myself and my needs so much better.

      Planners have taken over my life and Aussies are all about sport, so we love everything!! AFL is an amazing sport to watch, but Soccer is one my favs as well!