Monday 30 November 2015

21 Things I Learnt Before Turning 21 + Birthday Giveaway!

I've finally hit the big 21 and whilst I don't think I've gained years of wise wisdom, I do think there are some things I have realised along the way.

  1. The world is vast - explore it and what it has to offer; scenery, food and people included.
  2. Trust your gut, it may be speaking what you really want to hear.
  3. Take chances. There's no way to know unless you go for it.
  4. Act on it, don't sit and talk.
  5. Appreciate the experiences, they matter the most.
  6. Keep those who enhance your life for the better. Cut out the rest.
  7. You don't have to like everyone, because not everyone will like you.
  8. It's ok to say no. You can put yourself first.
  9. Be proud of who you are.
  10. Be respectful and have manners.
  11. High school drama and teenage worries now seem so trivial.
  12. Mistakes do happen and they become a learning curve.
  13. There are always good days and bad days, perhaps a lot more bad. It's what you do with them that determines how they affect.
  14. Work hard. Effort makes way for fruitful results.
  15. Regret but move on - it's in the past and we must live in the present.
  16. Stand up for yourself, it's never ok to be physically or mentally abused.
  17. You're still very young. It's ok to feel uncertain about your life and any decisions you want to make.
  18. You will change - it is inevitable. Embrace it despite what will people will say.
  19. There is a lot more of yourself you will discover, from your interests to qualities in a partner.
  20. Have fun! There's no point in life if you don't enjoy it.
  21. There are many other lessons to learn, you've still got years to live.

Other than leaving these "wise words of wisdom" with you guys, to celebrate me getting older and my return to blogging essentially I have a small giveaway for you guys!

One lucky winner will be gifted with what I actually want for my birthday - the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone! Just follow the entry instructions below and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Make sure your the Book Depository can ship to your address before entering! Giveaway will close on the 13th November, and I will contact the winner ASAP.

Let me know what you want for your birthday!


  1. For my birthday, I want all the books. Just so of them - so perfect and pretty

    1. I know!! I was so happy that I got a whole new bookshelf on top of new books as well. It was a great birthday :)

  2. I think you've gained more wisdom in 21 years than I have haha. As for what I'd like for my birthday, easy, a new bookshelf, I hate storing books on the floor. :)

    1. Hahah! I'm sure you've learnt loads as well! Omg, I was so blessed to actually receive a new bookshelf! My friends surprised me and I was super thankful for. Hopefully you get a new one soon!