Saturday 20 February 2016

Talking Personal: Counting Down Summer

Look at me, almost two months into the year and still on the blog grind. I mean I deserve a hi-five right? 

It's pretty much the last month of Summer now and the weather's starting to become dreary and wet. I'm trying to get as much sun as I can before I'm doomed to 6 months of gloomy, freezing weather.  What I am excited for though is Winter fashion! I do find that there's something a bit more classy with this seasons style than summer. 

I'm still working as many hours as possible but in between them I've seen friends, celebrated the last few 21st in my social circle and have gone on brunch hunts. I love that I'm also getting to know my workmates more and actually developing really good friendships! 

My family also celebrated Lunar New Years, which means the year has officially started - at least for our culture. I love that LNY brings the family together and I got to see relatives I don't see often. I also love that my mum pretty much cooks up a massive banquet for us to feast on. Definitely a major perk. 

Highlight of the month would be seeing A$AP Rocky live though! His concert was every bit as exciting as I expected - he has a presence about him that draws the crowd and energises them. It wasn't the most well behaved crowd but I was so into the moment it didn't really matter. I was sad to find out I didn't save all the videos I had of him though so I'll have to resort to clips I find on the internet. I am a huge fan of hip hop so it was amazing to see him in concert!

Also wanted to share my favourite song of the month as a result of seeing Deadpool. Now that is some movie, absolutely hilarious and worth the watch. Just keep in mind it is very inappropriate so be age conscience. Without further ado!

It hasn't been overly exciting month but because uni is about to start again, I've been planning my last semester and researching different options for further study and career options. It all sounds so daunting and I am definitely not ready for full time adult life. 

That's pretty much it for this month. Hope you guys enjoy the final days before March comes around.

How Has Been February Been For You?

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