Tuesday 2 February 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Historical Settings I've Loved

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Top Ten Historical Settings I Love
I am a massive history buff, and it excites me when authors incorporate historical events into their novels - real or not. Any setting that is vivid, memorable and enticing immediately become my favourite to visit over and over again. 

1. The Tudor Period; 15th - 17th Century England
Hands down, any novel that is set during the Tudor era immediately peaks my interest. I don't particularly love all of them but for the most part I have enjoyed majority of those I've read. In particular, Philippa Gregory novels have fed my obsession. Maybe it's how scandalous and thrilling the setting is written as but the Tudor Period stands as my favourite setting to read about. Ever. 

2. The Roaring Twenties; 1920 America 
Books like The Great Gatsby, The Shifting Fog and The Diviners series are set during this booming period of gorgeous fashion, upbeat music and prosperity. There was an edge to everything, although what I love most is probably the flapper fashion - The Great Gatsby movie does a stellar representation. I mean it's referred to as "roaring" for a reason. 

3. Greek Mythology Era 
I don't have a specific date/era for this so if you do, please let me know! I've read The Odyssey by Homer and it cemented my love for Greek Mythology - anything to do with the gods and heroes. It's fascinating, at times exaggerated, but makes it so much more entertaining. 

4. World War II; 1939 - 1945
The standout for this period would be The Book Thief for me, because although it's set during this period, it isn't overpowered by the war only. My Brother Jack is also a great read during this historical period because it portrays the affect the war has on Australia, not just for Europeans. 

5. Bombay 1980's
This is a little different but I was drawn to this period through Shantaram. It was a rough house for sure, but for some reason the period was also bustling and exciting - seemingly bringing in a lot more foreigners and possible growth for the country. Definitely different to India that I've seen portrayed these days. 

6. 19th Century England
The quaint, simple lifestyle of England during this era is perfectly demonstrated through a vast number of literature, although my favourite would be Pride and Prejudice. I love the charm it has, as well the mannerisms and speech. Not to mention countryside England would've been such a picturesque scene. 

7. The War of The Roses; 15th Century England 
This is pretty similar to my love for the Tudor times. I think I'm very much fascinated by the evolution of England's monarch and this is a setting drenched with constant bloodshed and wars. It provides a backdrop that is scary but sets up for the Tudor Times. 

8. Russia 1920's
This stems from reading Tsarina as well as my interest in monarchs again. It's fascinating to read about the fall of the Tsars, the set up towards it happening and what Russia was like, which led to the events. If you have any other novels you've read in this era, leave a recommendation!

Which Periods Do You Like Reading About?


  1. The blog looks INCREDIBLE Trace, my goodness I'm completely smitten with it!

    I used to shy away from historical reads, anything really past that retro type era of the seventies or eighties. It just seemed really dry and couldn't hole my interest. Until I discovered the French Revolution. I don't think I've ever been more enamored with any one point in history as I am with that. As brutal as it was, there's just a sad romantic feel to the era and the uprising of the people. I'm always looking out for more reads surrounding it. Great list Trace, I think it's time I expanded my historical horizons <3

    1. THANKS KELLY <3

      Omg ok I need to get on it ASAP! Historical fiction is amazing if you find the right reads. If not it can be a bit of a drag. Thanks for reading Kell :)

  2. Great list :) I'm ashamed to admit I'm yet to read The Book Thief though I have owned the book forever D: I really must get on to that!

    1. I think you need to get on it ASAP! The Book Thief is one of my all time favouritessss!