Tuesday 23 February 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Recent Books I've Enjoyed Outside Of My Comfort Zone

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Top Ten Books Out Of My Comfort Zone That I Enjoyed Recently 

So I don't necessarily have 10 to list, but I do think that's because I enjoy a variety of genres that it's hard to find ones I don't read regularly. That and maybe there are some genres I haven't dabbled in yet because I tend to read amongst Young Adult and few Adult genres only. If you have any recommendations definitely let me know!

1. Inside by Chris Judd
I rarely read non-fiction novels, let alone auto-biographies/biographies, but Chris Judd's self narrated novel was definitely interesting for me. I've always loved him as an AFL player but this gave me a little more insight into his life and what made him how he is. 

2. Ten Tiny Breaths (Ten Tiny Breaths #1) by K.A Tucker
Not a huge New Adult fan but this series, especially this book, drew me in and did not let me go. Highly recommend if you like this genre! (Full review)

3. The Host (The Host #1) by Stephanie Meyer 
Sci-fi's also another genre I tend to steer away from because I don't have a huge fascination for it but this was thrilling and addictive, albeit it is a mix betweens sci-fi and romance. (Full review)

4. Picnic At Hanging Rock by Lindsay Joan 
I do like classics but I would have to admit they are out of my comfort zone, especially the earlier novels. Most of it is due to the language used by Picnic at Hanging Rock is easy to read and the plot is intriguing and gripping. 

5. Shantaram (Shantaram #1) by Gregory David Roberts 
Adult fiction is something I do enjoy but Shantaram's size and the content of it was really intimidating. I managed to plow through and am so glad I did! (Full review)

What Books Did You List This Week?


  1. I only had five this week too! I think in my case it's more that I need to get out of my comfort zone than continually reading broadly, though.

    I've seen Ten Tiny Breaths around (and I quite like the cover) but I just realised I have no idea what it's about...

    1. Thanks for popping by!!

      Ten Tiny Breaths is pretty typical of any New Adult novel, girl has problems boy has issues and they resolve it together - but the way its written is really squeal worthy hahahah.