Thursday 28 April 2016

Talking Personal: The Juggling Game

Hi all! 

I'm now two months into my final, final, semester (hopefully). Last time around I was talking about the end of summer and the summer holidays, which was super sad. Surprisingly though, I still managed to do so many exciting things despite trying to juggle university and work. Yes, it's been a lot of me trying to balance my two major priorities and still do the things I want to do. 

Started off March by seeing G-Eazy, which was amazing! Was a really intimate show and I went with the best people who appreciated him as much as I do. I also got around to seeing two plays, The Secret River and Matilda: The Musical. The Secret River was beautiful and eye opening - it is a book adaptation, but I haven't read it just yet. Matilda was absolutely fantastic! One of my favourite musicals now, and I definitely recommend you guys go watch it because it is so worth it. The setting was so creative and ingenious, and the cast made it so fun to watch. 

My friends and I celebrated one of our close friends' 21st at Nobu, a Japanese Michelin Star restaurant, and damn was it good. What I found fascinating was their taco sushi's, which are made up of sushi fillings inside miniature taco shells. Seriously so good! Also experienced teppanyaki for the first time, which was fun. 

Only recently, I went on a small trip to Sydney to see some family and friends. It was a nice getaway after constantly working and trying to study. Now all I want to do is travel more! 

How Was Your Month?

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