Sunday 26 June 2016

Let's Talk: How Do I Fit Reading Time In?

It's kind of bizarre how I've found myself reading at every waking moment, to actually having to squeeze reading time in or even scheduling an appropriate time for it! It's made me thought about how much time I dedicate to my favourite hobby, but also what tips I can give you guys who may be struggling in the time department but really still want to read. 

Let's break down a single week I usually experience and where reading falls into place:
I typically work 5-6 days a week, volunteer once and may have social outings scattered over some days or nights. Other things I tend to do will be working on this blog here, editing and filming videos, and running errands that seem to pile up every week. 

Well, where does that leave room for reading?

Tip 1: Recognising that reading is a choice not a chore
I don't know if it's just me, but once I was so busy, I felt so guilty that I wasn't reading as often. Maybe it was the pressure of my reading goal or that I wasn't producing content on my blog but if I tried to pick up a book, after an exhausting day, it felt like such a chore. No wonder I fell into so many slumps - it just wasn't enjoyable anymore. Once I realised that I could read at my own pace, I felt so much more relieved. Reading is something I do because I love it, not because it's a joyless job that I have to do.

Tip 2: Break down your reading time
I find my reading time can be done in chunks throughout the day, which has massively helped balance my everyday life and reading. Now, I'll read during times where I'm not required to be doing something whether it be first in the morning - before my day starts - or right before bedtime as a way to unwind from a busy day. Even during my breaks at work is great because I'll focus on myself for a bit before I go back out and serve customers. Having a long trip on public transport is a rare but very valuable occasion because it feels like I have all the time in the world to read!

Tip 3: Find what works for you best
The two tips above are what I think should be considered if you feel like you don't have any time to read, but it's all about trial and error. What works for me may not be the best for you, but that's not to say you can't incorporate some of it and change it up so that it'll work for you. Our reading habits will vary and it'll be something for you to discover about yourself. It's taken me a fair bit to get to where I am, so don't be too hard on yourself.

I don't have the leisure of reading at any time I want, but I'm glad it hasn't stopped me from doing what I've enjoy most.

When Do You Guys Find Time To Read? What Tips Do You Have?

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