Sunday 19 June 2016

Let's Talk: The Ultimate Authors To Check Out

This week I discuss my favourite authors and, surprisingly, none of them are Young Adult authors! Ooooooo. The four authors I talk about though are authors that I definitely think needs to be discovered - authors who I end up wanting to buy every single book that they have and devour them all!!I explain why I love them as well down below. 

If you're after YA authors, don't worry, I do have you covered. Special mentions to four YA authors who are quickly climbing the ranks into my favourite authors list.

Who Are Your Favourite Authors?


  1. Brilliant video Trace, so eloquent and entertaining. I have a few of the Fairyland novels but haven't got around to reading them yet and I love Rick Riordan as well. Have you read The trials of Apollo yet? So, so funny. He's back to his Percy Jackson best!

    1. Thanks so much for watching Kelly! I need to get my hands on The Trials of Apollo because everyone has talked so much about it!! Hopefully soon. I need to read the last two books, let me know if you finish the series and if you like it!!