Wednesday 28 June 2017

Counting Down 20 of My Favourite Harry Potter Moments

The first Harry Potter novel was published on June 26th, 1997 and now it's 2017 - 20 years since J.K Rowling has blessed us with one of the best things to have ever been produced.

In honour of its 20th year anniversary, I wanted to share my favourite moments of the series. I honestly thought it was going to be hard to make up a list of 20, but it was harder to not go over!

20. Harry visits Diagon Alley for the first time 
This was pretty much the first time both Harry and readers are introduced to the world of Magic, and boy was it magical. From Gringotts to Olivander it was such an amazing experience.

19. "Weasley is Our King"
No, not those times Ron was terrible at being Keeper, but when he completely shut down Slytherin and helped Gryffindor win the cup. Hell yeah is Weasley Our King.

18. Exposing Rita Skeeter 
At the end of Goblet of Fire, when Hermione discovers and exposes Rita for being an illegal Animagus to eavesdrop on people's conversations, I felt such a deep satisfaction. Serves her right for being such a mean person.        

17. Molly and Fleur see eye to eye 
Fleur’s ferocious approach to telling Molly that she doesn’t need Bill to be “pretty” for her to love him and Molly’s offering of Aunt Muriel’s tiara was such a perfect way for each to accept the other.

16. D.A classes 
Reading about Harry’s self taught Defence Against the Darks was about the only thing that got me through the whole Umbridge ordeal.

15. Hermione and Ron's kiss 
I’m sure we were all waiting for this moment to happen *cue fireworks*

14. The twins leave Hogwarts 
Oh man, when it comes to Fred and George, one of their best moments is playing an impressive amount of pranks on Umbridge and her brigade before leaving Hogwarts. Did anyone say drop the mic?

13. The Yule Ball 
AKA Hermione and that dress, her hair and pissing Ron off for thinking he owns her. You go girl.

12. Harry catches the Remembrall
Cast your mind back to Philospher’s Stone and the moment when Harry zoomed off on his broom to rescue Neville’s remembrall after Malfoy takes it, which then leads to him being part of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

11. Escaping Gringotts 
There were so many parts of Deathly Hallows that I loved, but the moment that the trio mount the dragon, cut it loose and then fly it out of Gringotts is epic.

10. Troll in the castle 
Wingardium Leviosa. The start of the friendship and knowing that Ron is capable of many things, despite what he thinks.

9. Dobby is freed 
You cannot have read Harry Potter and tell me this wasn'y one of the most touching moments ever. EVER.

8. The Quidditch World Cup 
I’m choosing this more because I wish it was an actual thing to attend. Also because it opened up the world to Quidditch and the rest of its culture a lot more.

7. "Not my daughter you b#@!*%" 
Yeah that moment. With Molly and Bellatrix. It was especially satisfying for me because of how Sirius died and to have Bellatrix experience the exact same thing. I’m sorry but karma is a *bleeeeeep*.

6. Kreacher's tale 
I find this to be one of the most memorable and bittersweet moments. 1) Because there was so much humanity and compassion when the three of them learn about what he has been through and 2) Kreacher is an absolute gem after he reconciles with Harry.

5. Hermione slaps Malfoy 
Enough said

4. Snape's memory 
Learning about Snape’s role in Harry’s life, finding out about his love for Lily. So many tears shed. “Always"

 3. Harry's Patronus 
This is one of my favourite Harry moments in general - when he discovers that its not his father, but himself he makes the Patronus appear and gets rid of the Dementors. That whole time travelling aspect just makes so much more sense and is so cleve by tying it back to this moment.

2. The truth about Sirius 
There’s no surprise this is in my top 3 considering Sirius is my favourite character. You learn so much about him as a person - the loyalty, resilience and courage he has.

1. Harry finds out he's a Wizard 
Without this moment there would be no story. Harry gets to escape the Dursleys and start a better life, Hagrid give Duddley a pigs tail and just seeing someone who's happy to know Harry exists is really heartwarming.

What Is Your Favourite Harry Potter Moment?

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