Thursday 6 July 2017

Recapping The First Half of 2017 and Where I'm At So Far

I'm sorry but how is it July already? I have no idea where the first 6 months have been so this post will be interesting. Hopefully my memory doesn't fail me.

Posts To Check Out

I haven't been as consistent with my blog, but I'm actually quite satisfied with the content that I've produced. This year I wanted to focus on generating content that I was happy about, and that would create ideas and debate, rather than write about anything and everything to make up for lack of posts.

My favourite posts for this year so far are:

Let's Talk


Harry Potter's 20th Anniversary: Counting Down 20 Of My Favourite Moments

Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag 

Find out which books I loved, found disappointing, my biggest surprise so far and favourite book covers I've bought for the first half of 2017.

Goals Progression

I've only read 8 books so far this year. Yes, it doesn't seem like much, but my goal this year was to read books that I know I'd like and will be memorable. With at least 7 of them I can happily say I'm glad I read them and that I did enjoy them. Quality over quantity right?

I never really got to set resolutions for this year, purely because I know that I'm all for talking about them but never put plans in place to action them, which is a big no no. Instead, I've set long term goals that have short term goals that I want to work on within an amount of time to get there. Early days so I have to wait to see how I go with those.

How Has 2017 Been For You So Far?

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