Thursday 7 December 2017

Talking Personal: 'Tis The Season To Get Back Into Blogging

My last Talking Personal post was in May. That was a good 7 months ago. We have a lot of catching up to do! 

The last time I did one of these, I had just come back from traveling. Since then, I’ve started a new job in a new role. The place has an amazing team and the position I’m in has given me much more of a learning experience, which I’m grateful for! I also started my Masters in August, just completing my first semester and somehow, miraculously, passed all 3 subjects. I’m currently studying a Masters in Criminology, which I am loving and I’m really excited to see where it can take me! 

Besides working and studying, I actually got up to some really fun things, which has made the last half of 2017 really exciting! 

I went on a Snow Trip and learnt to ski for the first time! Truth be told, I hate the cold. But skiing was super fun, albeit really hard and exhausting. I want to try and make it an annual trip so I don’t forgot how to ski. 

I got the chance to see The Book of Mormon, which was hilarious! I didn’t expect to love it so much. The cast all had amazing singing skills. On top of seeing the musical were a number of different concerts. I’ve been to so many more concerts this year than I have in my life altogether. Kehlani was superb and so fun, being really intimate and just full of love. Ariana delivered a great show. Drake absolutely killed it, I would see him 1000 times alongside J.Cole, who is a fantastic artist and so grateful to his fans. He was engaging and humorous, and so passionate about his music.

My birthday came and went, and was actually less exciting than previous years. The older I get, I feel like the less I’m keen to celebrate my birthday. Still, it’s been fun seeing my friends and family, and eating to my heart’s content! I got to celebrate Halloween though, which was super fun. Everyone’s costumes were great. 

Whilst taking a break from blogging, I did manage to start up an Instagram page for my food adventures. I absolutely love food, reading comes second - I know, how can I say that. So if I couldn’t share my love for reading, I figured sharing my love for food was the next best thing. Take a look at it here to see which places I’ve loved both locally and internationally! 

I’m going to be seeing The Weeknd tomorrow, which I’m really excited about!! He’ll top off the crazy list of artists I’ve seen this year. The next time I’ll catch up with you guys will most likely be after New Years SO Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years guys! Hope the rest of the year is amazing for you all.

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