Friday 19 January 2018

A Year of Reading In 2017

I am well aware it’s already midway through January, but it doesn’t feel right to not post a recap of the previous year as the first post of 2018. 

In 2017, I didn’t set yearly resolutions as I usually do. Instead, I decided to implement steps to build towards habits and goals I want to achieve in the long run. I found that every year I tried to set New Years Resolutions, I didn’t plan the appropriate steps to achieve them and so they were left forgotten by April or May. 

What I wanted to focus on was how I felt whilst reading and blogging, amongst other things in my personal life. I mentioned in my 2017 goals video that I didn’t want reading and blogging to become a chore because I felt like I had to read the most books or feel like I’ve failed as a reader. Likewise, I didn’t want to overcommit to blogging and produce content I wasn't happy with just for the numbers. With that in mind, let’s jump into 2017 and how it panned out for me!

A Year of Reading

Book Count: 17 
Immensely lower than any of my other years, but what I wanted was to read memorable books that left an impression, which I can confidently say has been the case. Alongside that I did make a conscience effort to expand my reading genre and read books that were thought-provoking.



Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised with how satisfying majority of the reads I went through for 2017. Here's hoping 2018 is the same. I'm not too sure I'll write a full post on my goals for 2018 because I feel like that's kind of too late as well, but we'll see!

How Was 2017 For You? Let Me Know What Your Favourite Read Was!

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