Sunday 8 July 2018

Most Exciting Releases For The Last Half of 2018

We're now in the last half of 2018, which is insane, but also super exciting as we've already had some great releases in the first half and now we're making way for some more!

Wow I have a new video up? Is it too late to say new year new me? I list the top 5 books I'm anticipating the most for the rest of this year!

Other Releases In The Year

The Looking Glass - Janet McNally
August 14th
YA Contemporary
Julia Blake, Sylvia’s older sister, disappears leaving Sylvia to continue her legacy at the prestigious National Ballet Theatre Academy. But when Julia sends Sylvia a copy of their favourite childhood fairy tale book, renamed as Girls in Trouble by Julia, Sylvia begins to almost magically see Julia everywhere she looks. Sylvia decides to embark on a road trip with her best friends brother to find Julia.

The Towering sky (The Thousandth Floor #3) - Katharine McGee
August 28th
YA Sci-Fi
The third instalment to McGee's series that's been referred to as having futuristic Gossip Girl, set in a dystopian world within a thousand story tower in the middle of New York City.

Sadie - Courtney Summers
September 4th
YA Mystery
Sadie’s sister, Mattie is found dead. Determined, Sadie follows clues in an effort to discover how Mattie died, with the police being no help. Her investigation leads to a podcast being started by West McCray, tracking Sadie’s journey as she hopefully finds answers.

Two Dark Reigns (Three Dark Crowns #3) - Kendare Blake
September 4th
YA Fantasy 
Third instalment to Three Dark Crowns series, following three sisters and their battle for the throne, each with different powers.

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth - Kirsten White
September 25th
YA Retelling
Retelling of Frankenstein through Elizabeth’s perspective, with a chilling twist to it - what if Elizabeth was never happy living with Victor and what if he posed as a danger to her? I am a huge fan of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley so am super intrigued to see what it was like.

What If It's Us - Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera
October 9th
I told myself I'd read more diverse books, and I stumbled upon this one revolving around Ben and Arthur and their not so easy romance.

Kingdom of Ash (Throne of Glass #7) - Sarah J. Maas
October 23rd
YA Fantasy 
I can't believe we've already reached the 7th instalment to Throne of Glass, and to be quite honest I'm still excited about this series and revisiting the world and its characters.

How She Died, How I Lived - Mary Crockett
November 13th
YA Contemporary
The story follows a girl, who is one of five girls Kyle texted. Only Jamie, a girl too nice to ignore him, responded and it got her killed. A year after the incident, the girl is angry and wants answers. She wants to know why Jamie died and she didn’t. Except she’s beginning to be drawn to Jamie’s boyfriend, Charlie, which makes it even harder to deal with.

The Reckoning of Noah Shaw (The Shaw Confessions #2) - Michelle Hodkin
November 13th
YA Paranormal
I'm still obsessed with the Mara Dyer series and anything to do with Noah Shaw so this was a must add to the list.

What Are You Excited For In The Last Half of 2018?

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