Sunday 6 January 2019

Travel Diary: Eating My Way Through Berlin

These are a series of posts covering my 5 weeks in Europe, and each country I see in bite sizes. Or as my best friend likes to say, “speed touristing.” I visited most places for 4 days, with the exception of Germany and some day trips. This is my way of taking you guys on my adventures through Europe, giving you guys my thoughts on each place and any tips I’ve picked up!

Eating My Way Through Berlin

Berlin fast became one of my other favourite cities, besides Amsterdam. I loved it so much that my original plan to visit Munich and Salzburg got scrapped and I stayed in Berlin for longer. I wouldn’t say I got up to a whole heap for the time I spent there though. I wasn’t jetting around the city visiting every tourist attraction and making sure I was taking in all of its culture. By this point I’m pretty sure I just wanted to take some time out after flying three times during the week and being in three different countries. If I was going to be honest, Berlin became more of a food adventure for me, which I’m not complaining about. Since leaving London, I hadn’t found a country that offered a selection of foods from different cultures that I could say was enjoyable. Thank god for my friend Lan and her love for food as well. I’m sure we got told by the waiters/waitresses who served us at two different places that the amount of food we ordered was more than what they would recommend for two people. I ate so much during my time in Berlin, it was incredible. 

Where To Eat

Green Tea Cafe Mamecha 
I LOVE green tea (emphasis on love) and this cafe is dedicated to it
Lan visits this place often so she knew exactly what to order for us. We had a selection of sushi rolls, grilled skewers, miso based steamed fish and dumplings. 

Think Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in real life but just a tad smaller in scale. There was so much to choose from, I was at a loss, but loved everything I tried! We had a mini mango tart, strawberries and ice cream and a dark chocolate slice with raspberries, which was my favourite of the three. 

Lon Men’s Noodle House
At this point in my trip I was really craving good Asian food, and this place delivered authentic beef noodle soup and dumplings. Quick tip: it’s cash only!

Peter Pane Burger Bar & Grill
Great selection of burgers, including vegetarian. 

To be quite honest, I don’t know what we ordered, only because we got the owner to surprise us. It was such a random place to eat at but we wanted to try something different and we liked most of what we were served. 

Where To Visit

Besides the historical monuments and infamous clubs/bars, Berlin has a few other things to offer. 

Badeschiff Berlin
Badeschiff is a beach bar, with a swimming pool built off the Spree. It’s open during the Spring and Summer only and offers you the option to sunbathe in the sand or take a dip to cool off. I would consider it a man-made beach concept. During the Summer they host beach parties and events there, which I missed out, but still really liked the vibe of the place. Just make sure to head in early or be ready to wait in a long queue as the place does get busy quite easily. You also have to pay for admission alongside locker and key hire.

Europe is FULL of parks, you can walk anywhere and find yourself in one. What’s cool about Mauerpark is the activities that happen on Sunday. A flea market opens during the day with some really unique items to discover and food to try. The biggest crowd drawer though would be the amphitheater where the audience are invited to come up onto stage and belt their lungs out to any song on the karaoke machine. It’s amazing to watch how brave these people are but also how incredibly talented some of them are as well. People sing-a-long and it’s just a great experience overall. You also get smaller groups scattered around the park with their own speakers and music blasting, which invites others to join them and dance in the open. 

I did have an unfortunate night where I cannot account for a few hours of my night but hey just another story to bring home right (hahah ...)!

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