Sunday 2 June 2019

Talking Personal: Favourite Bits of 2019 So Far

The last time I wrote a Talking Personal it was in December, 2017. 2017?! The whole point of the post was to say that I'm getting right back into blogging but also that I would catch up with you guys after New Years 2018. L O L. Who I was kidding? Anyways, hi, I'm here, I'm alive. Let's get right into it!

2018 was a complete dud of a year in terms of posting. To be fair though, I blogged about my Europe trip and that comes pretty close to a Talking Personal doesn't it? I also wrote a wrap up to 2018 so we're going to dive straight into 2019!

Not much has happened if I'm going to be completely honest. I decided this year isn't the year to travel, so instead I've been looking into local events. I haven't done a lot exploring around Melbourne considering I live here so it's been pretty fun and exciting. It's also great that I get to recommend the different things that I've done to people I know!

Summer Highlights

  • Celebrating New Years Eve/New Years with a great bunch of people 
  • Seeing the Sciencework's moon installation - I hadn't been back to Sciencework's since 2006 
  • Going to an Australia Day event at Riva St Kilda - I'm not a huge music festival person, but this was so fun! 
  • Seeing Jorja Smith was incredible, she is amazing live.
  • The AFL season started again and that will ALWAYS be a highlight for any year.
  • I went to Moomba for the first time and actually really liked it. The layout around Birrarung Marr coupled with how nice the weather was that night made for such a great end to the summer.


  • The "Sunset Safari" at Werribee Zoo, which involved an African drumming workshop, the opportunity to see the animals after closing time and an African banquet that was delicious. The Werribee Zoo has a number of events popping up that's worth looking at.
  • I went to two different trance/hardstyle events, which, if I was honest, I would not expect to see myself there. The first one was "It's A Fine Night" and the second one "Paradigm". I did go to see two artists that I really like - Vini Vici and Mandragora
  • I also made it a mission to get to as many beaches as I could during the summer and I'd have to say it was a success
Other than those events, I had my last week of classes ever in my Masters this week and am en route to graduating if I manage to get all my final assessments in, so huge fingers crossed situation going on right now.

That's what my first 6 months for the year has been like! I had a great summer, exploring my home. Winter has kicked in, or more like fly kicked me in the face, because of how cold it's quickly become. I'm not 100% sure what the next 6 months will bring, but I guess that's part of life, being completed unexpected. Hopefully the next time I get to writing one of these I'll have a lot to talk about as well.

How has the first half of 2019 been for you?


  1. I think writing about a trip definitely counts as talking personal. Glad you got to experience some local events---it's fun to act like a tourist sometimes! :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. Thanks for the comment Nicole! And yeah, I'm glad I've found some gems at home. Makes Melbourne a bit more exciting :)