Wednesday 5 June 2019

The Waiting List: June 2019 Releases

The Waiting List is a feature hosted by PrintedWordsAnd, where I list some upcoming releases for the month that I'm most excited about!

June 2019 Releases

I'll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie - June 1st
Five siblings return home after their parents pass away to determine what to do with the Estate. However, before they can make a decision they need to solve the mysterious death of Amanda Holmes 20 years ago.

Like a Love Story by Abdi Nazemian - June 4th
Young Adult, LGBTIQA/Diversity read that deals with not only reconciling with the characters' identity but also with key issues regarding AIDs.

Mostly Dead Things by Kristen Arnett - June 4th
This is one of those novels that I didn't think I'd pick up but that's also why I'm really intrigued to read it. Jessa-Lynn Morton finds her dad dead after he suicides. After that she has to step up to support her family as well as trying to balance her relationship between her brother and his wife, who she is in love with as well. 

On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong - June 4th
Not only has On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous has received a lot of love so far, it's piqued my interest because of the context behind it. I come from a refugee family, with my dad's family escaping Vietnam during the war. Despite that I haven't read a lot of stories regarding this era and I am really excited to get to this.

The Forgotten Sister by Caroline Bond - June 6th
17-year-old Cassie sets out to find her birth mother, but she might not have been ready to discover what is really the truth behind her adoption.

Storm and Fury (The Harbringer #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout - June 11th
Latest series from a well-known author, Storm and Fury is the latest YA paranormal read.

Mrs Everything by Jennifer Weiner - June 11th
Weiner sets her story in a historical context, following 2 sisters with different dreams and pathways, but ultimately attempting to navigate how to be a women in their era.

One Night at the Lake by Bethany Chase - June 18th
June and her fiancé Ollie head to his family lake house 7 years after they visited last time with Ollie's then girlfriend and June's then best friend Leah, who disappeared. I'm sorry what?! Did she steal her best friend's boyfriend, what is going on? Yeah that was legitimately my initial reaction.

The Stationary Shop by Marjan Kamali - June 18th
A romance tale where two people felt destined to be together and reunite 60 years later to answer questions on why it didn't work out between them in the past.

The Art of Breaking Things by Laura Sibson - June 18th
(Trigger warnings for sexual/child assault, trauma and substance abuse)
Sibson takes this YA contemporary novel, The Art of Breaking Things, to explore family responsibilities and relationships and dealing with trauma. I do think this will be super confrontational but know that I'll gain something out of it.

What Are You Looking Forward To In June?


  1. I feel as though I haven't visited in forever Tracey! I'm terrible when it comes to keeping up with what's coming out so these are brilliant! I was just approved for a copy of Storm and Fury on Netgalley so super keen to get to that one shortly. On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous sounds like a remarkable read. Have you read Freedom Swimmer? That's incredible as well, Chinese freedom swimmers escaping the Mao dynasty. I like to read about human experiences of diverse cultures and I'll definitely be checking that one out. Thanks for putting it on my radar Tracey!

  2. It might be because I haven't posted consistently in forever! (oops) Oh yay that's so good, I can't wait to hear what you think about it. I haven't heard about Freedom Swimmer but I'll add to my Interest list to keep in mind. Thanks for the recommendation and popping by Kelly :)

  3. Wow there are so many great ones on this list that I haven't heard of before. The Stationery Shop sounds like it's going to be really beautiful and I'm definitely going to check it out!