Tuesday 28 April 2020

The Waiting List: 5 May Releases I'm Excited For

The Waiting List is a feature hosted by PrintedWordsAnd, where I list some upcoming releases for the month that I'm most excited about!

Expected Publication Date: May 19th, 2020

I'm fairly sure there is going to top many May release lists and honestly, I wouldn't blame them. It's been so long since we were introduced to The Hunger Games and now that Suzanne Collins has decided to revisit the world, the book community is holding their breath in anticipation.
This release is centered around Snow, before he was president. It's definitely not a character we would've chosen to hear from but I think he makes for an interesting character to read about. Feels like I'm 14 again!

2. Burn by Patrick Ness
Expected Publication Date: May 7th, 2020

I will be very honest in saying I have no clue what this book is about, even though I've read the synopsis multiple times. There's dragons involved, hired to help out a farm, during the 1950s. Seriously, what? What I do know though, is that Patrick Ness is a wizard with words and anything he writes is bound to be an experience.

3. Library of Legends by Jamie Chang
Expected Publication Date: May 12th, 2020

A historical novel about a girl named Lian who embarks on dangerous journey across China, escaping Japan's attacks whilst trying to protect a collection of myths and folklore know as the Library of Legends. This gives me Cinderella Sister and Mao's Last Dancer vibes, and if anything, I'm hoping this read gives me a feeling of nostalgia along with a rather fulfilling adventure.

4. The Thirty Names of Night by Zeyn Joukhader
Expected Publication Date: May 19th, 2020

I truly expect this to be a magical read, and something really out of the blue for me. Zeyn Joukhader delivers a story about 3 generations of Syrian Americans, tied to a mysterious species of birds and what truths lies in their relationships to the birds.

5. The Boy in the Red Dress by Kristin Lambert
Expected Publication Date: May 12th, 2020

Millie runs the Cloak & Dagger, a swinging speakeasy, in the 1920s. The club's star performer, Marion, the boy in the red dress, finds himself being named the main suspect in the murder of a young socialite. Millie doesn't believe it's true but no one else is willing to help her prove Marion's innocence. Posed as A Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue meets Miss Fisher's Murder Mystery I'm expecting an enthralling murder mystery bundled together with the glitz and glam of the roaring 20s.

Other Releases To Look Out For

Of Silver and Shadow by Jennifer Gruenke
Four Days of You and Me by Miranda Kenneally
We Dream of Space by Erin Entranda Kelly

What Releases Are You Excited For?

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