Wednesday 1 April 2020

Ya Girl Makes A Comeback on YouTube With Book Recommendations for Self-Isolation

Well, well, well. If this isn't the comeback of the new decade.

Ok but all jokes aside, this is my first book-related video in 9 months.
I started a YouTube channel 8 years ago!! And for a long time it was my baby. I loved being able to talk about books, but gradually couldn't find the time for it anymore.

If this isn't the best time to make a comeback, I'm not sure when it will be.

With us staying at home to ensure we are flattening the curve and protecting those around us, myself, along with many others I'm sure, now have a lot of time to do well ... whatever it is we can think of. Well I'm here to give you some book recommendations to get you through this period! These are books I've read and loved in the last 5-10 years.

I hope you enjoyed watching! Please let me know if you will read any of these or have read them and what you think. Take care to stay happy and healthy everyone!

What Are You Reading Currently?

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