Wednesday 13 May 2020

Stay At Home Book Tag

I use to love doing tag videos because they were always a great way to think and discuss some things about reading. This was a particular fun tag to do, with the current climate keeping us inside, which is for the better. 

If anything, doing this tag made me realise how much I genuinely miss film YouTube videos and just having fun with it. Also, I have a lot of books I haven't read but need to get too. If you end up doing this tag (written or video) I would love to see it!

I am aware that this situation isn't easy for a lot of people. It is such a strange time and being forced to do things we don't want to - staying at home - is hard to deal with. However, for those who recognise the importance of staying at home and the privilege in doing so, well done on doing your part so that we can all get through this together. 

My opinion about this is that, even though I haven't personally come into contact with the virus or know anyone who has been affected by the virus tragically, I still want to be extra cautious as I have family members who are at risk and do not want to do something that can cause anyone harm. I'm also aware that I have the privilege of staying home being bored. There are people who don't have homes to protect them from the risk or access to items/avenues to relieve them of boredom. Or people whose home conditions poses as a danger to them and now can't escape this toxicity/threat. I also recognise the essential workers who aren't staying at home so that we can, doing their best to ensure that the community is safe. 

Hopefully we are able to re-emerge together stronger than before. Take care everyone!

Hope You Enjoyed the Video!

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