Sunday 4 October 2020

Why You Should Read The Firebird Series Now

Series Title: Firebired
Author: Claudia Gray
Publication Years: 2014 - 2016 
I was meant to write this review as soon as I had finished the series, which was just about 2 months ago (if I'm not mistaken). However, despite me wanting to write a raving review, I got stuck multiple times on how best to express how much I adored it all. So I let myself sit with it and really mull over my thoughts. I've finally been able to point out three reasons as to why you should read the Firebird series now.


1. Gray's impressive world-building.
Gray's exploration of parallel universes gave way to some of the most exciting and memorable world-building I have come across. It's already a great feat in my eyes to produce one solid world for a story, let alone the 2 to 3 different dimensions the characters travel to and fro in each book. As I read, I felt like I was being transported into each universe with the characters. I could envision every aspect that made each world uniquely it's own - the experience was vivid and realistic. This alone made reading the Firebird series exceptionally thrilling and fun. 
2. The amount of thinking and reflecting involved.
Setting her story amongst various dimensions also invited a whole lot of thinking and reflecting on my end. There were so many questions regarding morals, how to determine right and wrong, evil and good and whether you could really justify bad decisions if you have good intentions? I love reading novels that force me to really assess each scenario and decision and action made by the characters, because it means I become invested. I put myself into their shoes and think, think hard, about what is ahead.
Moreover, I spent a lot of time reflecting on the idea of multiple dimensions really existing in real life. Obviously, this is taking the tool out of the plot and not really necessary when you're reading, but I found it interesting to take the situations in the book and questions Gray was posing and applying it to my own life. What would I do and how far would I go to save the people I love? Equally, if there were multiple Traceys out there, I would like to hope that they are living healthy and prosperous lives. 
3. Magueritte and Paul's relationship
I wouldn't say I usually read a book purely for the romance aspect, unless it's a romance of course. However, I was very invested in Magueritte and Paul's relationship throughout the entire read. It came down to the idea of destiny. Would Magueritte and Paul, after facing so many difficult challenges and running through different universes, meeting those versions of themselves, still find each other again? Will destiny play it's part in their relationship? That question was deeply embedded in the series. It became hard not to think about and slowly I was caught up in wanting to see them grow, learn about and from each other and ultimately, find the happiness they deserve. 

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Favourite Book: A Thousand Pieces of You

Book Ratings
A Thousand Pieces of You: 5/5
Ten Thousand Skies Above You: 4/5
A Million Worlds With You: 4.5/5

Series Rating

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