Wednesday 1 July 2020

Monthly Wrap Up | I Completed My Reading Challenge in June!

June's come and gone and we're now into the later half of 2020, which sounds both entirely crazy but also not? I don't hold expectations for the rest of the year, in that I don't expect 2020 to turn out a certain way. Rather, I want to instead, be able to finish this year and say hey, amongst all the chaos in this world, I still set sight and worked towards the goals that I want to achieve. This leads me into announcing that I completed my 2020 reading challenge. YAY! I set a goal of 12 books to read, which isn't a lot, but in the last 6 years I've barely been able to complete a reading challenge so this makes me super happy and proud of myself. Anyways without further ado, this was my June! 

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Black Lives Matter. I stand by the Black community and the anti-racism fight. Systemic racism and injustice needs to be eradicated, and has to be done through collective effort. This point is a compilation of resources, donation sites, petitions, educational sources that I have come across over the past few days. A lot of these have been put together by Black people, which I am highly grateful for because the onus is really on us to seek further information and educate ourselves.

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How Life Experiences Have Re-Shaped My Reading Journey

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Reading Wrap Up


Tales from a Tall Forest by Shaun Micaleff
Catch a Falling Star by Meg McKinley
-double review here-

Monthly Book Haul

How Was June For You?

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