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Hi, it's Tracey!

I started off PrintedWordsAnd during 2012, whilst studying my final year of high school. I have always loved reading and whenever I could I would recommend books and have long discussions about them. I'm pretty sure that's why I came to the conclusion that starting up a blog would let me do just the same thing but for few billion people on the internet to see. I didn't think it'd be a major project in my life but after graduating high school, I found much more time to dedicate to this blog.

I have also moved my love for books over to YouTube (find me here), where I do a number of videos including hauls, more reviews, and book TAGs.

I have a Masters in Criminology, which is an area totally off what this blog is about. I love food as much as I love books, and do not discriminate on savoury or sweets (although chocolate does get me). I enjoy Summer with it's heat and the beaches, having a strong dislike towards Winter. I'm also a keen cactus collector, even though my latest ones have wilted. Other than reading I am an avid fan of AFL - Australian Football League - a sports code from, you guessed it, Australia. I barrack for the Carlton Football Team and nothing will stop me from bleeding blue. I am also a swimmer, well a casual swimmer now, and love listening to music.

I enjoy reading a variety of genres, not only Young Adult. Instead, I love reading Historical Fiction, Crime/Thriller, Family Dramas and Middle Grade. I find that I am enjoying a lot of retold or re-made fairytales/children's stories. I am partial to New Adult, feeling as though it is a quick and easy read to pass time, but having little substance. I am not a fan of Erotica despite having read Fifty Shades of Grey (big mistake) and rather'd not read anything with Religious themes, just based on personal preference.

If you're interested in contacting me for reviews, please read my reviews policy as a guideline as to what I am more inclined to accept.

Thanks for popping by!

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