Review Policy


Unless stated otherwise, all books reviewed on PrintedWordsAnd have been personally bought or received as a gift.


Any reviews seen on this blog are of my true and honest opinions, and should not be considered as that of any author or publisher. I will not pretend to like a book if I did not enjoy it, but in no way will I try to intentionally harm or offend anyone. My reviews will be reasonable and rational but if there is anything that may be offensive to the reader then please feel free to contact me. Through this blog I am feeding my passion and encouraging others to read. I do not claim to be a professional reviewer.

I am open to receiving requests for reviews but will politely pass on the offer if I find them not suitable. My interests are in Young Adult, Crime/Thriller, Mystery, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Dystopian, Contemporary and Middle Grade. Please do not ask me to review Erotica or Religious-themed novels.

Author interviews are most welcomed provided I have read (or will be reading) at least one novel from you. I will also happily participate in Blog Tours.

I prefer to read physical copies of books, both ARC and completed copies, only because I know I will get around to reading it faster - which means earlier reviews. I do not always decline e-books, but am only limited to PDF versions as of now. I will try my hardest to get the review up in a timely manner.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any requests.

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