Star Rating

5 Stars: Undeniably Perfect
Watch out for my constant ravings about these reads, because they were that good! A re-read is a must, and I will try to force you to read so be warned (in a friendly and non-violent manner of course).

4 Stars: Well Worth the Read
Enjoyable and entertaining, I would definitely recommend these and, if part of series, continue on.

3: Decent, But By No Means Great
It was an average read, with likes and dislikes, but in the end I'll just shrug my shoulders and say that it was okay.

2: Just Not Enjoyable
Perhaps it just wasn't my cup of tea, but there was nothing memorable or likeable about it.

1: Wouldn't Look Back On
I'm sorry, what? No idea what happened and no intentions of wanting to find out. Pass.

Anything with half stars is a sign that I couldn't really classify it the full star below, because it was better than that, but didn't really fit the full star above either. Yes, I am very indecisive sometimes.

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